Fans of Murder Mystery Dinner will love this!

On Saturday 9th April, Murder Mystery Dinner: Night at the BARF’s comes to Bournemouth Pier!

A Night at the BARFs - Key West Bournemouth


The perfect interactive dinner for the whole family or with friends!

Our Classic Murder Mystery Evening is a totally interactive event, during which you and your guests become detectives and will attempt to solve a tricky case of MURDER MOST FOUL!


The year is 1952. The British Academy of Radio & Film is set for an evening of glamour…and murder! The awards ceremony is set to take place tonight, but someone has blood on their best frock?


Six professional actors in full theatrical costume will join you and your guests for 2.5 hours of period-set murder mystery intrigue, during which the storyline plays out in ‘real-time‘ meaning everything happens before your eyes… including the murders; but are you keen-eyed enough to spot the killer?


“Uniquely humorous and quintessentially English, an event from Perfect Murder is the perfect combination of intrigue and fun.”


The actors remain in character for the entire event and will encourage guests to interact with them, ask questions and take an active role in the story. The evening will certainly promise an ‘Agatha Christie-style‘ theme and will tax even the keenest sleuth, with clues and plot twists coming thick and fast!


Event Details


Saturday 9th April 2022


Tickets are £65.00 per person


• Ticket includes a 3-Course Meal with Set Menu.


Immersive Interactive Dining Experience.

• Arrival at 7 pm

• Performance starts at 7:30 pm

Stunning panoramic sea views from a beautiful location

• 2-4-1 cocktails all night!

How Do I Book?

To book, book a table as normal and choose ‘Night At The BARF’s’

Payment is taken upon booking

Have any questions about your booking?

Email us here or call 01202 237915 for more information.

How does the evening work?

7:30 pm – Pre-dinner Drinks, Meet & Greet with the Characters

Cast of Perfect Murder actors join your party and remain with you for the evening.


8:00 pm – Dinner with the characters

The suspects join you as you dine, allowing plenty of time for guests to begin to question each suspect about events so far.

The murders happen in real-time; you never know if the suspect sat at your table may suddenly drop dead…but is anyone keen-eyed enough to spot the killer in action?

There are clues, hints and items of evidence presented throughout the event, allowing guests the chance to build a case against the suspect they believe to be the guilty party, but with so many plot twists and red herrings, there is lots to think about.


9:30 pm – The Accusation

Guests are given the opportunity to complete their Solution Sheets and put their case against the suspect they believe to be the killer.


10:00 pm The Denouement

The murderer is revealed in the traditional fashion. A classic Agatha Christie-style finale!

The suspects are lined up and our skilled Perfect Murder Detective will reveal the reasons behind the murders and finally the identity of the killer. The winning team is announced and prizes awarded.